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ARTICLE: Fade to Black to screen in Port Macquarie

Controversial. Confronting. Comforting. All words for a subject people don't want to think about, much less talk about. And yet we must - for we will all die sometime, somehow, somewhere.

The award winning documentary, Fade to Black, delivers the story of Peter Short, CEO of Shell Express Service Stations in Australia who was terminally ill with incurable esophageal cancer. After talking himself out of a violent suicide, Peter instead decides to take matters into his own hands by trying to source the lethal and illegal drug Nembutal.

He also embarked on a campaign to legalise voluntary assisted dying in Australia. He wanted everyone to have control of their own sometime, somehow, somewhere.

The movie also provides a history and background to the issue of assisted dying in Australia. It features interviews with key players in the Australian debate, including Dr Rodney Syme, Andrew Denton and Dr Philip Nitschke, as well as politicians for change, Dr Richard Di Natale and Fiona Patten.

MidNorth Coast DWDnsw Convenor Annie Quadroy said it is a real coup to have Fade to Black screening in Port Macquarie.

“The film was originally being released only in capital cities. We are very pleased the distributors agreed to our inclusion,” she said.

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