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ARTICLE: Film screening at Mount Victoria on voluntary euthanasia

Death, and dying in pain, aren’t topics that are readily talked about. But Leura resident, Richard Mills, believes the choice to end pain through death is a right Australian’s need to speak up for.

Mr Mills, the former president of pro voluntary euthanasia society Dying with Dignity, will be hosting a screening of documentary ‘Fade to Black’ at Mount Vic Flicks on September 12th.

Mr Mills has organised the screening of the Australian documentary to preempt the introduction of the NSW Assisted Dying Bill before the end of the year.

“Unusually, I don’t have a personal experience of a loved-one dying a horrible death. I just believe that having the choice is a basic human right,” Mr Mills said.

“People are in charge of their bodies all their life and just as you make all sorts of decisions that affect you, you should be able to choose when and how you die, particularly if you are suffering dreadfully.”

‘Fade to Black’ documents the last six month of former Shell Coles Express CEO Peter Short’s life after he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He successfully procures the lethal and illegal drug Nembutal from a doctor and spends his last months campaigning for all Australian’s right to access assisted dying legally.

Dying with Dignity are encouraging people to watch the documentary to reignite the discussion around voluntary euthanasia.

There have been almost 30 failed attempts to pass assisted dying laws in Australia.

“It seems to be a fundamental human right good public policy. It has overwhelming support from the Australian population, why wouldn’t politicians jump on that?” Mr Mills said.

“It’s a film made by Jeremy Ervine. It was crowd funded, and they managed to raise about $100,000 to make it. The film explores the reasons for and against assisted dying,” Mr Mills said.

The documentary includes interviews with Greens Senator Richard Di Natale, Dr Philip Nitschke, Andrew Denton, Fiona Patten and Peter Short and his family. Mr Short passed away in December 2014.

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